The increase in the number of divorces in our society is increasing day by day. This can be avoided with the introduction of counselling. It can assist us to plan and work with our couple. The premarital counseling question is important part for getting ourselves on the right foot.


We should not consider adulthood as a guarantee of maturity. Mutual understanding between couples is an important factor for a happy living. It helps to model one’s life in a more secure as well as comfortable way. It benefits any couple who plans to wed each other. Premarital counselling is sometimes misunderstood as therapy .It is actually creating awareness among couples to learn their skills that is a must to support them to live happily with a strong and healthy relationship.

What are the questions to be asked during counselling?

Firstly, asking him to share the meaning of marriage commitment help us to know how the person is treating the marriage and his partner in a better way. Asking about how important we are is another way of understanding what he thinks about us. Life goals play an important role in our life. So one should be clear about the life goals of their partner before entering into a marriage life. Living arrangements is a future plan which one has no idea about. It helps us to understand the future way of living with their partner.

Discussion on the number of children and life after that should be asked .The way your partner have lived  and the future way of living should also be enquired. Family settlements like jobs play another important role in family life. A clear idea about the partner’s carrier and future scope of the job also should be included during counselling. The partner’s annual income and their savings, the way they spend money should also be enquired.


Parents and their relatives also share an important part in our living. So it is a must to ask more about their family background ,how their parents treat them, the way their parents would behave to you in future, the pressure they put on you, how important is their parents in their life has to be asked.

It is also important for a couple to know how they like to spend around their erotic moments together. The way of resolving heated conflicts is another question to be raised. It can include the way by which their parents settle their differences, the aspect that makes you comfort when your partner get upset, the rituals that would be developed to reach out to each other after a big fight.

Spirituality is another way to come to know more about your partner’s desire. We should know how important spirituality is for the partner and what it means to your partner. The way to share something with them, expectation about the children and their future all plays role in life.

Religion is another important aspect which you have to be clear upon. The partner may or may not believe in any religion. So we should share our feelings and faith on god if we worship .Thus a premarital counseling questions can help in living a long and happy life with our partner by sharing the ideas about their life.




Marriage is a significant event in our life in which two people make their relationship official, public, and permanent. It is one of the life-changing events that you will face in your life. It is a legal contract between a man and a woman to live their life. This process is followed in the entire world. But the religion and culture vary from states to countries. It is a promise to one another to be a part of each other.


Before getting married one should be ready to be in a relationship where they should share, care and trust each other’s feelings. Those who do not have real confidence before marriage, there is an option called  premarital counseling questions where they can get information’s and know all about the premarital counselling questions.

Premarital counselling is done for those who are getting married and those who want to know about the married life. You can know all about the future with the opposite person by this counselling. In this session you can truthfully answer the entire question and make plenty of conversations you like. premarital counseling is held mainly to make understand the people how to get adjusted in a married life. It helps us to understand the problems between the variations in the couple. With a certified counsellor you may be able to understand and analyse about the married couple. Before entering into a relationship one should definitely cultivate a realistic mindset that will allow you and your partner to prepare for the future.


In today’s world, half the marriages end in divorce. This is mainly because of the misunderstanding, ego, and complex between the couples. It is far better to have a premarital counselling rather going for a divorce. If you consider your life partner as important in your life then you should know to adjust and understand their thoughts. A counselling can be a perfect session to understand opposite persons thoughts and act accordingly.

There are several questions raised in sessions of premarital counselling question. Firstly, you really need to know why you are getting married. Is it your own interest or family pressure? You should definitely give time to reflect this answer. You need to find a perfect couple for yourselves. You should know why he is a perfect couple for you. Deeper the relationship deeper the trust should be. You should know about the core values you share with your spouse. This determines how strong your relationship is. The other part is that you should definitely know what the main differences between you two are. All your similarities will be surely highlighted but focus on the dissimilarities on both of you. That is where you both can know where you have to make adjustments. The next factor is the work and the common finance where there is a chance for getting ego. This should be adjusted to create a wholesome work environment. Religious life is one of the factors in the married life, if you are of the same religion there will be better and stronger married life. If you are opposite religion you should definitely discuss how you will conduct married life. Dreams and target should be discussed among each other which will help to understand you dreams better.

Premarital counselling questions are conducted in order to make you understand before you actually enter a marriage.


Choose the premarital counselling questions to make the married life smoother

Marriage is one of the most important aspects for a person in their life and hence, they must ensure that they get to live with a partner of their choice by commonly answering premarital counseling questions that can help them to identify the requirements of their life partner, thereby making the adjustments in their life to keep the marriage life a better and smooth one without any hiccups. There are several such questions which people can obtain from a marriage counsellor or other such people who are actually experts in this sector.

Some standard questions

There are several basic questions that a person can find through the premarital counseling questions when they visit a marriage counsellor with the most basic one being the commitment they give for their marriage relationship. This can be asked either on a very general manner or even in a specific manner. People can find the general questions to be even more helpful for them as it can help them to get the much needed area to describe their requirements in their own set of words. This can help the counsellors to know if the compatibility is present between both the parties. This can also include the short term and the long term goals that the people have both in their personal as well as their professional lives. This is much needed to determine if both of them can be supportive to each other, based on their requirements and ambitions. This can also include the expectations that each person has over the other apart from other such expectations which includes the social, family, financial and other such responsibilities being distributed evenly between each other for a good and a healthy marriage life.


In depth questionnaire

While the basic questionnaire can be used by people to identify the requirements by themselves, which they can create from the net, the more in depth analysis though would be obtained only when visiting a counsellor. This can be used to identify the requirements and their traits while also identifying the need of their marriage life. These questions can be found under different categories to identify the amount of responsibility they are willing to share by using this method, while also determining the other important things that would be required to keep their marriage life to flourish due to mutual understanding between the two of them. These questionnaires can be of different categories with more importance given to the personal life, which can range over various topics such as the positives and negatives between the two of them and also the things that they want their partner to change, apart from intimate questions including the number of children that they would wish to have. Other questions can cover varied topics that can range from the money to the living arrangements. This can help the understanding between the two people to be smooth, thereby helping the people to understand their roles and responsibilities that would be required of them by their partner after their marriage.



A wise step for a strong relationship

Marriage is a process which two people are deciding to open their relationship official which establishes several rights and rules between them, children and their in laws.  People used to marry because of their own desires and also because of parents interests. There can be a lot of reasons for a person to marry some another one which can be religious, financial or emotional. There are two types of marriages; they can be monogamy and polygamy. Polygamy can have more than one spouse at a time but monogamy will not allowed to be have more than one.


Yes, Premarital counselling can be helped a lot

premarital counseling questions is something like knowing each other before we are officially getting in to marriage A counselling can be helped in many ways as they can help you to find positive resolutions when we are about to leave one from each other because of any financial, sex  or kids problems. They can be helped to be honest with ourselves and will teach how to communicate and listen to your partner more effectively. We have to be realising about our expectations and all the expectations should be have a timing in our mind for not to get excited or anxious about it. Forgetting about the past and start a new cycle of livings, there might be problems in our family so that don’t be judgemental that you people will be also having. So there too, try counselling. An external help can be used for knowing their likes, dislikes, things to be adjusted.

As we have to make our sessions accept that the marriage life can bitter sometimes accept it and take the challenges. Share it when the things are not working like what you are supposed it to be and be open-minded. Do not discuss the things u have discussed with your partner to their in laws and instead of making them excited through the social sites help them improve their relationship with us by giving a full of yours. Be grateful when your partner is ready to attend counselling with you.


Ask everything to your spouse so that you will not be regret about your decisions later and be clear about your expectations from them helps you to understand each other the best.

Know how you both are going to handle when any conflicts, the weakest points of each other, our tolerance levels, the important values that we used to keep etc.  Share about our career goals, our future plans about our career, the lifestyle we liked to follow, the income we are expected to be with are some terms about our career and while taking finance share our financial conditions, whether having debts, monthly budget and the individual expenses.