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Top 10 Things You Should Remember Before Marriage.

Marriage is one of the things that both men and women fear of for different reasons. It’s not just because of the responsibility it entitles each one but also because a new page in a couple’s story also brings a new list of do’s and don’ts.

Being single means freedom and for a person who enjoys following his will, the boundaries of marriage can be very cumbersome.

Before saying “I do” in front of a ceremonial leader, you should remember to do a few things in order to provide free space for the future frustrations of a married life and getting the best answers for Premarital Counseling Questions.

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1)Bond with the family. The worst thing in a person’s married life is to hear one’s parents ranting about how flawed your partner is and that you’ve made a wrong decision. Make sure your family is completely fine with you getting married and you will live peacefully for the next 50 years.

2)Enhance Peer Communication. Friends will always stay forever and whenever there would be rough times during the course of your marriage, it is always relaxing to know you have people to talk to.

3)Secure a job. Basically, even if your partner has an executive salary, it doesn’t mean you can just relax and quit working. Bringing up a family with kids is a costly venture and while you’re still not dealing with the problem, do make sure you have a constant source of money.

4)Know your partner. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a background check on the other person. Just do the effort to know the basics of your partner’s behavior and if ever you have doubts, never hesitate to ask.

5)Settle disputes. This is often neglected by many and ends up bringing awful events to a person’s life. If you have certain conflicts with a friend or even a past relationship, make sure you settle them. You’ll never know what anger might cause.

6)Love yourself. Although in essence you are already one with your spouse, you should not entirely forget about yourself. So love yourself in a way that serving your spouse doesn’t sacrifice your own desires or dreams.

7)Love your family. Your family, especially your parents, played a major role in molding you as a person. So it’s only proper that your love for them will never end even if you are getting into a marriage.

8)Love your friends. Friends are there for you no matter what. Loving them unconditionally will help you have a healthy married life. They can even give your pieces of advice when you and your spouse have problems.

9)Love your life. It’s just like loving yourself and wanting to live the way you want, but being considerate of your other half. And most especially,

10)Love your partner. You are marrying because you love your partner. That says it all.

The secret to a successful marriage isn’t just about honesty and communication. Yes, these are also very important. But the main thing that should never be lost is the ability to love selflessly because beyond the boundaries of a perfect marriage, imperfections are set to test a couple’s strength.

Premarital Counseling Questions – Top 10   Questions You Should Ask.

More often than not, couples tend to rush things when they are about to get married. Although for several husbands-and-wives-to be, being together for a long time is enough ground for marriage, still it would be very beneficial for the both parties to ask  a few specific questions just to give a clear direction to your married life.

Dream Marriage

As a matter of fact, a lot of relationship or married relationship experts believe that an essential key to an ideal and successful married life has something to do with the way the couple handles all possible issues that they will encounter along the way and to resolve this issue one should ask Premarriage counseling questions.

Naturally, couples have to understand that any other couple out there will have the same issues to settle at one point of their relationship. The only thing that sets a happy couple from a not-so-happy couple is the way in tackling day-to-day issues. These issues can be financial, emotional, sexual, communication, parenting, and many more.

The following questions will certainly help couples prepare for a married life as these will help them stay on the right track.

Question 1: How much of our income should we set aside or share for our monthly dues and expenses?

Question 2: How do we keep the cleanliness of our house and even our backyard?

Question 3: How much income should we be generating monthly? How about quarterly? And yearly?

Question 4: What should be our ultimate goal when it comes to being financially stable?

Question 5: How do we call each other or what term of endearment should we use for each other?

Question 6: Should we work eight hours?

Question 7: What might be the main reason why either one of us should not work?

Question 8: What other ambitions do you have that I don’t know yet?

Question 9: What are you most comfortable with when we make love?

Question 10: How do we solve our problems instantly or how should we react to troubles along the way?

Asking questions might be a bit awkward but take it from the experts and other couples who have tried doing so. Soon enough, you will be thanking them for heeding this piece of advice. These are not templates. You can just use these questions as a foundation to have a healthy married life.

Premarital Counseling Questions - Top 10 Things You Should Know About Your Husband before Marriage.

You might have heard your friend or relative say, “If only I have known about it earlier.” This classic line is usually about a wife talking about her husband’s habit, attitude, or even desires. There’s no denying the fact that we can only tell exactly what your husband is until you have lived or get married with him.

So, if you are going to marry your boyfriend soon premarital counseling will help you to understand better about your partner, take time to reflect on the things you want and ought to know about him, right before tying the knot.

1)Hygiene. You might have already seen some of his practices when it comes personal hygiene. Surely, you have never witnessed everything. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt if you will ask him how he lives or how he cleans the house.

2)Habits. Sometimes, the most basic things are what we tend to ignore or overlook.  Now ask your husband about some of his habits that you might not yet know, like how much time he spends watching TV or taking a bath.

3)What makes him really mad? It can be a word or an action. Either way, still ask him about it.

4)What makes him happy? It’s just proper that you know this more than anyone else.

5)How many children does he want to have? Both of you should agree but it won’t harm if you ask him first.

6)Things about his family, especially his parents. If your husband-to-be loves his parents so much, that tells a lot about how he will treat you and his own future family.

7)Handling pressure and problems. Ask him how he was able to do it in the past.

8)Beliefs and Principles. More often than not, conflicts arise when you have differences in beliefs and principles. So it would help to know these so as to avoid heated arguments.

9)Expectations of your life as a couple. Take this opportunity to determine all possible expectations. It’s healthy in the end.

10) Goals. Everyone wants to marry a guy with a goal for his family. It’s time to ask him what it is.

If you know these things, you are in for a healthy married life. As a matter of fact, you can also ask your husband to do the same:  ask you some questions he wants to know about you. In the mean time, get to the bottom line and ask those to him first.

Premarital Counseling Questions – Role of Churn and Family.

There are many ways to seek Premarital Counselling Questions, through a therapist, books, church, or family. Premarital Counseling Questions have a purpose and the main purpose is to establish each ones role in the relationship. The answers to the set questions  provide  useful feedback for the couple. Questions that maybe asked could be, why do you want to get married? This particular question help both parties dig deep within themselves and help determine the exact reason why they would like to get married.

When a couple decides to get married they are mostly caught up in the fantasy of it all however when directly asked why they would want to get married, certain view points can be exposed and discussing each ones reasoning can be extremely helpful for the couple. A couple can be asked what they want out of life and that opens an entire floor for communication for the newly engaged. The couples are allowed to express their differences and similarities when a decision is made to seek Premarital Counseling Questions.

Establishe a Middle Ground with Premarital Counseling.

A middle ground can be established when hearing each others answers which better prepares the couple. A licensed therapist offers sessions to the couple where they are allow to express freely what they like or dislike about their partners, its a place where they are made to feel comfortable to speak freely and not be judged coming from an outside source. Deciding to read relationship building books can help the couple learn how to effectively communicate while also spending quality time. The books provide assessment test that allows the couple to answer them individually and bounce ideas from one another.

Choosing to have Premarital Counseling within the church will bring spirituality within the relationship. The best way to determine the right church counseling is carefully chose a denomination that best suit’s the couple. Especially if the couple where raised under different denomination they may want to consider seeking an outside denomination to get fair feedback without offending each others religion. Seeking family in put can definitely be beneficial for the couple, not only will you get great feed back from experienced married couples you also can get an outside point of view from people who really know you as a person and who want nothing but the best for each of you.

Premarital Counseling from Family.

When seeking advice from a family member or members you would be allowed to receive important feed back for the relationship and getting a better understanding if you are marrying the right person for the right reasons. Family is very important and it will play an important role within the relationship. A family discussion can determine if the families of both couples are neutral with one another. Tension can hinder a marriage when family members can not get along with the addition of family members. A strong foundation and an effective marriage can be developed when premarital counseling questions are sought out effectively.

Premarital Counseling Questions